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Delivering good health & wellness to every family through good nutrition and prevention

With good health, we can achieve our highest dreams and celebrate life. We can create and live to our highest potential, giving us a sense of purpose in our lives and portraying a feeling of great satisfaction, selflessness, and gratitude. Nova is a health and nutrition company that develops, manufactures, and markets novel solutions for every consumer to achieve a life filled with joy, health, and confidence.

We specialise in providing evidence-based health products to support a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition to improve people's health and prevent chronic diseases.

To help people improve their health and fight chronic diseases through prevention and good nutrition.
To help people celebrate life and achieve their highest dreams.

Our Story

Our story began in 1997 at the back of a humble community pharmacy in Sungai Pelek where our founder had an idea to develop an effective product from a local plant, known as Phyllanthus niruri, for people who were suffering from liver diseases. The research took 10 long years to bear fruit as our founder successfully developed the world’s first patented Phyllanthus niruri standardised extract (EPN 797), which is used in our liver tonic supplement – Hepar-P.

We are committed to provide health solutions that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. To support the utilisation of Hepar-P in clinical settings by healthcare professionals, we initiated a comprehensive clinical trial in 2018 which concluded in 2021 and achieved positive results. Hepar-P was effective in improving liver fibrosis and reducing liver-specific enzyme (ALT), while remaining safe and well-tolerated throughout the 52 weeks of the study.

The Legend Of Phyllanthus

Phyllanthus niruri, commonly known as Chanca Piedra, "stone breaker," and "yexiazhu," has a long-standing history of use in traditional systems of medicine, including Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine, for over 2000 years. This plant contains a diverse range of active compounds that contribute to its impressive medicinal properties. It has traditionally been employed for the treatment of liver diseases, aiding in the elimination of kidney stones, addressing digestive issues, and improving sugar control.

Finding The Elusive Active Compounds

The active compounds of Phyllanthus have been the topic of much research. Despite that, the identity and quantity of the compounds were difficult to determine because of the inconsistent number of active compounds present in each plant. This inconsistency is caused by many factors, including the environment, weather, soil, harvest time, storage conditions, and processes. This inconsistency can greatly affect the efficacy of the final product.

Our founder invested all his resources and started the risky research to find the medicinal value of Phyllanthus niruri. His focus to establish an effective and evidence-based product for liver protection drove him to explore and innovate, despite the impending risk of failure.

During his search for the active compounds, he prepared and screened through more than 500 fractions of plant extracts and tested the liver-protective effects of each fraction on animals.

From Plant To Pill

As the active fractions are identified, he started to determine the quantity required of each fraction to achieve the maximum beneficial effects. This was carried out by testing more than 300 fractions at different doses on rats.

To make sure the product is safe, long-term safety tests that lasted 6 months (on rats) and 9 months (on rabbits) were carried out. At the end of the studies, all vital organs and blood parameters of the animals showed that the products were safe even at high doses that were over 20 times the normal dose for humans.

Clinical Trial To Prove The Safety & Efficacy Of Hepar-P

In 2018, a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, multi-centred clinical trial on the safety and efficacy of Hepar-P in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) began.

The trial was conducted at 3 sites in Malaysia, namely Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah in Alor Setar, Hospital Ampang, and Hospital Selayang, and adheres to the gold standard for evaluating the safety and efficacy of a product for medical purposes.

Three Hepatologists and Gastroenterologists led the trial as clinical investigators, while Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, the National Head of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Ministry of Health, was the national principal investigator.

At the end of the study, the results showed that Hepar-P was effective in improving liver stiffness, while remaining safe and well-tolerated throughout the 52 weeks of the study.

Our Purpose

Every year, more Malaysian families are losing their loved ones due to chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Yet, many of these chronic diseases are preventable, as they are linked to poor nutrition.

Despite the fact that chronic diseases can be prevented with good nutrition, most consumers still have trouble adopting good nutrition into their daily lives.

That is why, since our establishment in 1989, we have continued to provide effective evidence-based products for our consumers to live healthier, longer, and happier by fighting against chronic diseases through prevention and good nutrition.

Our Milestones

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Since 1997, our commitment to improve our customers’ heath has continued to fuel our endless drive to develop innovative and effective health solutions, enabling us to deliver good health and wellness to every family.

Now, we boast a product range of over 200 SKUs, a nationwide reach through collaborating with more than 1000 independent retail pharmacies, and being one of the first Malaysian-owned companies that manufacture science-based health solutions tailored for Malaysians.





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Nova is a health and nutrition company specialising in providing evidence-based health products to support a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition to improve people's health and prevent chronic diseases.