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Release Matters

For Round The Clock Protection

Water-soluble actives dispersed in polymer matrix.

Polymer matrix swells forming a gel layer around the surface of the tablet.

Water-soluble actives are slowly released through the gel layer by diffusion.


Reduce wastage, Enhance protection

Highly water-soluble actives such as Vitamin C and glucosamine would only remain in the body for short period of times. This results in short duration of action, much wastage, multiple dosing regimen and decreased patient compliance. A formulation designed to give a prolonged action by continuously releasing the water-soluble actives over an extended period of time after administration of single dose, is thus much desired.

A sustained-release formulation refers to a formulation that releases a pharmaceutical active in a continuous manner over a prolonged period of time.

Nova’s Sustained-Release formulation utilizes an advanced matrix technology by incorporating the water-soluble actives into a matrix, designed to swell and form a gel when in contact with water. This gel functions to slowly release the water-soluble actives, providing a constant supply to the body for over 8 hours.