Our 4 Promises

Being true to our belief in delivering good health and wellness to every family, Nova is committed
to deliver 4 promises to our customers. These promises reflect the main characteristics of Nova.

  • Effective is the fundamental element of our people-centred research

    - Formulated to deliver ingredient at functional dosage.

    - Products with enhanced absorption through Actisof technology.

    - Standardization of ingredients to ensure consistency, efficacy and safety.

    - Sustained-release formulation to constantly supply active ingredients for longer protection.

  • Safety is our priority.

    - Ingredients are carefully selected, screened and tested.

    - 191 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

    - 14 Steps of Quality Control process.

    - 9 Steps of Quality Assurance.

  • Product + Education

    - Better understanding and outcome through proper education on the usage and benefits.

  • In-house research and development team.

    - 22 years of experience in natural herbal plants research.

    - Develop nature-inspired products backed by scientific evidences.