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Mulberry Plus Tablet

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The Chinese Ministry of Health and the Taiwanese Bureau of Food Safety recognise Morus alba leaves as both a food and a medicine. Mulberry leaf extracts have a history of safe ‘traditional’ use for normalizing post-prandial blood glucose, and it is thought that iminosugars such as 1-deoxynojirimycin is responsible for the effect.
Mulberry Plus Contains mulberry and bitter melon standardised extract, the two extracts that are known traditionally to manage blood sugar level.

60 Tablets : RM 89.40

  • Standardized extract
  • Easy to swallow


Mulberry Plus Tablet contains concentrated natural essence from mulberry and bitter melon or better known as bitter gourd. These fruits have been used in various traditional Asian medicinal practice for a long time and it is usually consumed as a drink. Standardisation of these natural essences are essential to maintain consistency, purity and safety of the ingredients.

Each 750 mg tablet contains:

Folium Morus alba standardized extract
(2% 1- deoxynojirimycin) 150 mg
Fructus Momordica charantia standardized extract
(10% Charantin) 150 mg

Adults: Take 1 tablet daily after meal.

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Please consult your pharmacist /doctor before taking this product.
  • Do not exceed the stated dose.
  • Safety of long term use has not been established
  • This is a traditional medicine.
  • Shall not be used in pregnant and breast-feeding women.
  • Be sure to tell your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare providers
    about any other supplements you are taking.
  • There may be a potential for interactions or side effects.