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Zarthrimin SR (Twin)

Preserving The Freedom Of Movement

Zarthrimin SR is a sustained-release and sodium-free formulation of glucosamine sulphate. One caplet of Zarthrimin SR delivers glucosamine over 12 hours for maximum absorption and concentration in joints. With the convenience of 2 caplets daily, Zarthrimin SR will keep you moving freely. It is suitable for diabetes or individuals who are concerned about their blood sugar levels.

2 x 60 Caplets : RM 147.80

  • Sodium free
  • Suitable for diabetes
  • Sustained-released

MAL 07010951X

Glucosamine is derived from a natural source of crab and lobster. Glucosamine lays the foundation for supporting the rebuilding of connective tissues around the joint and cartilage. Zarthrimin SR is a sustained-release formulation which ensures constant and gradual release of glucosamine throughout the day. 

Each caplet contains:
Glucosamine sulphate potassium chloride                  684 mg
(Equivalent to 500 mg glucosamine sulphate)

Adults: 1 caplet to be taken orally, 2 times daily, 15 minutes before meal.
The recommended duration for therapy is 3 months, and may be repeated after intervals of 2 months (or according to medical prescription).

  •  Keep out of reach of children.
  • The therapeutic effect of glucosamine is only seen after 1 week. Therefore, it is advisable to include an anti-inflammatory drug (in case of severe pains) during the first few days of treatment with glucosamine.
  • The administration in patients with severe hepatic or renal insufficiency should be made under medical supervision.
  • Safety during pregnancy and lactation cannot be established due to insufficient reliable data.
  • Source of glucosamine is derived from seafood.