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Absorption Matters

Innovative Delivery System

For Enhanced Solubility and Absorption

Normal Formulation

Oil droplets remain insoluble in water

Actisof Formulation

Actisof Formulation completely dissolved in water


Improved Absorption

Actisof is a proprietary technology, a drug delivery system; which aims to maximize the bioavailability of fat soluble (lipophilic) ingredients, by increasing their solubility, and enhancing the gastro intestinal absorption of the ingredients.

  • An innovative delivery system developed to target and enhance the absorption of fat soluble active ingredients.
  • Formulated to overcome the poor solubility and absorption of fat soluble active ingredients.
  • Maximizing performance and health effects.
  • Enhanced absorption and less wastage.
  • Convenient dosing, can be taken anytime of the day, before or after meal.
  • Specifically designed for fat soluble actives, such as Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Omega-3, Evening Primrose Oil, and Saw Palmetto Extract.