The Nova Story

Throughout history, nature has inspired humans and served as a source for medicines. Through the understanding and knowledge of this time tested synergistic mechanism, it unfolds the key to solve and better manage today’s health issues. By unlocking nature's potentials through science and science-backed evidences, Nova is able to harness the properties of the natural compounds which are responsible for many key functions in the natural world.

The Journey

One unfortunate incident for our company’s founder had changed the fate of Nova and embarked in the journey of natural product research. In 1990s, he witnessed the premature death of a relative due to liver disease and was disappointed at the inadequacy of modern treatment for this killing disease.

Life Changing Experience

A herb called Phyllanthus niruri (Dukung anak) was introduced to him by a medical doctor practising in Sungai Pelek Sepang, to treat liver disorders.

Nova Phyllanthus research was started in 1997 at the back of a small pharmacy with a vision to solve an unmet need – liver disorder.

For the first ten years, research was hampered by insufficient funds and equipment and the research moved very slowly. The research team was mercilessly focused and had one thing in mind – to develop a natural liver protecting agent which is safe, consistent and pure.

Discovered Research Purpose

At that moment, the company founder realized that it was more rewarding and meaningful for conducting research to help change and improve people’s lives. That purpose has become the life-long guiding principle for the company even until today.

After 15 years of relentless research, the Phyllanthus niruri extract developed by Nova is the World’s First Phyllanthus niruri standardized extract and holds two Malaysian Patents. This marks as a new journey in Nova’s herbal research and development.

Phyllanthus Story