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The Nova Story

Phyllanthus: Efficacy First

3000 Years

Phyllanthus is known for its diverse medicinal use in treating various ailments which includes liver disease by various cultures over the world.


The Company founder started the long and winding road to find the medicinal values of Phyllanthus niruri from the back of his pharmacy.

Finding The Elusive Compound

He screened through more than 500 fractions of the plant extracts and tested the liver protective effect of each fraction.


A long term safety test was conducted where the test specimens were fed with active fractions of Phyllanthus, 20 times the normal dose for up to 9 months. At the end of the study, all the vital organs were safe and the results were within parameters.


After three years of product formulation, he successfully developed a delivery system to increase the absorption of all the compounds in the active fraction of Phyllanthus niruri. Today, this broad-based delivery technology is known as Phytomatrix Formulation.


The product was tested at 30°C for two years to ensure it is stable and safe to be consumed throughout its shelf life.


During his 10 years of research, he faced challenging situations and failures, but the sense of purpose and tenacity were on full display and he delivered a product that is approved for clinical trial in patients.


The business principle of Efficacy First, that guided him during that period, has become the lifelong guiding principle for Nova and deeply rooted in our four promises that we made to our customers.

Phyllanthus Story